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ISC Future Finance
ISC Future Finance
What We do

Welcome to ISC Future Finance.

ISC Future Finance are a commercial finance brokerage specialising in sourcing funding for businesses within the Agricultural, Renewables, Schools and Academies, Manufacturing, Vehicles and Healthcare sectors.

We can assist your business in sourcing a host of finance products including:

  • Asset Finance – Hire Purchase and Leasing
  • Secured and Unsecured Loans
  • Invoice Finance
  • Bridging
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Revolving Credit Facilities

Find out more about the financial solutions we can assist in sourcing for your business below.

Meet the Team

Rachel Galbraith

Rachel Galbraith

Rachel has in excess of 20 years’ experience in the commercial banking and lending space and latterly five years with a leading UK commercial finance broker as part of the leadership team. Her wealth of knowledge and extensive network of advisers, consultants and industry influencers have been built over time, with real longevity and proven capability. She has built up real deep-domain market knowledge and insight and is recognised as a “subject matter expert” and authoritative voice.

Debbie Holme

Debbie Holme

Debbie has extensive experience in operational leadership roles spanning many years across commercial and personal financial services. In her role as Operations Manager she is pivotal in supporting the business, working with clients, suppliers and wider team in the provision of appropriate funding to ensure projects are delivered. Her organisational acumen and attention to detail, as well as excellent service delivery is at the core of what she does, striving to achieve operational excellence.

Our Products

Asset Finance

ISC Future Finance | Asset Finance

Asset finance Hire Purchase and Leasing

Hire purchase and leasing offers UK businesses flexible solutions for acquiring essential assets.

For hire purchase, a business pays a deposit and then makes regular instalments to purchase the asset over an agreed-upon period. Once the final payment is made, ownership transfers to the business. This method preserves working capital and allows immediate use of the asset.

Leasing involves renting an asset for an agreed term, providing businesses access without ownership responsibilities. It offers flexibility to upgrade equipment regularly. Both options provide tax benefits and can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Asset Refinance

Asset refinance allows a business to release the cash held within their existing owned assets as collateral to secure a loan or unlock capital.

A lender will value the business’s assets, such as machinery, vehicles, or equipment and they can then be used as collateral for the funding. Your business will then receive a loan equivalent to a percentage of the asset’s current value. This injected capital can be used for a number of purposes, including expansion, working capital, or debt consolidation. The key benefit lies in leveraging the untapped equity in assets, which enables businesses to access funds without selling valuable equipment outright. Asset refinance offers flexibility, preserves cash flow, and allows businesses to maximise the utility of their assets while strategically managing their financial resources.

Property Finance

ISC Future Finance | Property Finance

Are you looking to purchase a new commercial property? Or are you looking to expand your business and need to extend your current business premises? ISC can help you source commercial mortgage, bridging finance and property development funding.

Commercial Mortgages

Commercial mortgages are typically used by businesses that need to acquire property or are looking to release equity from their existing property.

A commercial mortgage allows businesses to access larger amounts of capital and achieve longer repayment terms, often up to 25 years. ISC has access to wide range of commercial mortgage lenders and we have many years of experience in helping our customers obtain commercial mortgages.

Property Development

Development facilities are ideal for businesses that need to fund property development projects, including new builds, conversions or refurbishments.

Building projects are a costly affair and property developers can access the funds they need to cover the costs, including land acquisition, planning permission, construction costs, and professional fees.

Bridging Finance

Bridging loans can provide a quick solution to a difficult funding situation. They are primarily secured against a property and the loan is serviced through monthly interest only payments, with the capital repayment due at the end of the term. Due to their short-term nature, these types of loan are subject to higher interest rates. 

Business Finance

ISC Future Finance | Business Finance

Balancing your working capital as a business owner, is a fine balancing act.

There are a number of business finance products that are available to you; these are just some of the more popular products our customers are using to help their businesses move forward.

Invoice Finance

Invoice finance is a funding solution for businesses seeking improved cash flow. Put simply, invoice finance allows a business to sell its unpaid invoices to a finance provider at a discounted rate, gaining immediate access to between 80 and 85% of the invoice value.

There are two types of invoice finance: factoring, where the finance provider manages the sales ledger and credit control, and invoice discounting, where the business retains control over credit control.

Unsecured Finance

Unsecured loans provide a quick way to access capital. Using an unsecured loan helps avoid the need to put assets or property at risk. These types of loans are ideal for businesses who require a quick injection of cash. 

They can also provide flexible repayment terms with fixed or variable interest rates and no early repayment fees.  

Secured Loans

Secured business loans allows businesses to access capital by using property or other assets which are owned by the directors or the business itself as collateral. 

Undertaking a secured loan, means businesses are able to access higher amounts of capital and longer repayment terms. Interest rates can be fixed or variable and interest only payments may also be available to help manage monthly outgoings. Secured loans are ideal for businesses at any point of their business lifecycle.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance allows business who accept credit and debit card payments to access funding. The amount the business can borrow is based upon the value of the card sales. The business receives cash up front, which is then repaid through a percentage of future card sales.

With a Merchant Cash Advance facility, there are no fixed interest rates and repayment terms are flexible.  It also provides the opportunity for additional access to funds as many facilities can often be renewed when 70% of the original funding has been repaid. Merchant Cash Advance facilities are one of the quickest ways for businesses to access much needed working capital.

Revolving Credit Facility

A revolving credit facility (RCF) gives businesses access to cash without the need to undertake a full loan. A RCF works similarly to an overdraft facility, it allows the business to access cash as they need it e.g. a new contract, purchasing of stock, etc. The business then repays the amount utilised and the facility limit returns to its full value. Facilities are normally 12 months and can be renewed with ease if the funder is prepared to do so.

Vehicle Finance for Businesses

ISC Future Finance | Vehicle Finance

Are you looking to upgrade the vehicles you have within your fleet? If so, we have access to a panel of alternative and high street lenders who are able to support your finance needs. We will work with you through the application process to ensure you get the finance you need for your business.

Commercial Vehicle Leasing:

Streamline your business operations with our commercial vehicle leasing options. Whether you need vans, trucks, or specialized vehicles, we offer flexible leasing terms to ensure your fleet meets the unique demands of your industry.

Business Car Finance:

Upgrade your corporate image and provide your team with reliable transportation. We have access to a number of lenders who are able to provide the finance you need to keep fleet up to date.

Asset Financing for Commercial Vehicles:

Secure the assets your business needs to thrive. We have access to a number of asset financing solutions which cover a wide range of commercial vehicles. Allowing you to preserve your working capital while acquiring essential assets for your operations.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Financing:

Embrace sustainability with electric and hybrid vehicle financing. We are able to support businesses looking to transition to greener alternatives, contributing to a more environmentally conscious and cost-effective fleet.


Agricultural Finance

ISC Future Finance | Agricultural Finance

Our Agricultural Finance Solutions

Crop Production Loans:

Secure funding for your upcoming planting season. Our crop production loans cover expenses such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and other inputs essential for a successful harvest.

Livestock Financing:

Whether you’re a diary, sheep or poultry farmer, our livestock financing options can help you acquire, expand, or optimize your livestock operations. From purchasing animals to improving infrastructure, we’ve got you covered.

Equipment and Machinery Loans:

Upgrade your farm with the latest technology and equipment. Our financing solutions can assist you in acquiring machinery, tractors, and other essential tools to enhance efficiency and productivity. We can source funding for milking robots, vegetable boxes, processing machines, turf harvesters, telehandlers, tractors, harvesters and a whole host of other farming assets.

Working Capital Loans:

Ensure smooth day-to-day operations with working capital loans. Address short-term financial needs, manage cash flow fluctuations, and keep your business running seamlessly.

Agribusiness Expansion Loans:

Ready to take your agribusiness to the next level? Explore our expansion loans designed to support the growth of your enterprise, from expanding acreage to diversifying your product offerings.

Greenhouse and Irrigation Financing:

Embrace sustainable practices with greenhouse and irrigation financing. Upgrade your farming infrastructure to optimise water usage and create a controlled environment for year-round production.

Value-Added Processing Loans:

Add value to your products with our value-added processing loans. Invest in facilities and technology to process, package, and market your agricultural products for increased profitability.

We’re here to help you successfully navigate and source funding to aid your growth. Explore the possibilities with our agricultural finance solutions and cultivate success today.

Renewable Finance

ISC Future Finance | Renewable Finance

There are several funding products available for Renewable Products. We have access to a panel of alternative lenders who specialise in renewable finance. Here are just some of the areas we can assist in sourcing funding for your business.

Solar Energy Financing:

Harness the power of the sun with solar energy finance. From installing solar panels on your business premises to investing in solar farms, we have lots of experience of helping customers apply for the financial support to deliver this energy alternative.

Wind Power Investments:

Embrace the winds of change by investing in wind power. We can assist in sourcing the finance you need to develop and expand wind energy projects you may be considering for your business.

Hydropower Development:

Explore the potential of hydropower with our tailored funding options. Whether you’re looking to invest in small-scale hydro projects or upgrade existing facilities, we’re here to support your venture.

Biomass and Bioenergy Financing:

Contribute to the circular economy with biomass and bioenergy projects. We have access to fundings who will finance the development of bioenergy facilities, waste-to-energy initiatives, and sustainable biomass production.

Energy Efficiency Projects:

Enhance your business’s sustainability profile through energy efficiency initiatives. Our funding supports projects that focus on reducing energy consumption, improving resource utilization, and implementing eco-friendly technologies.

Green Technology Innovation:

Stay at the forefront of green innovation with funding for research and development of renewable technologies. We support businesses that are driving positive change through the creation of cutting-edge solutions.


ISC Future Finance | Manufacturing

Sourcing business finance can help to fuel innovation and growth in the manufacturing sector. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that manufacturing businesses in the UK face, and we’re here to provide tailored financial solutions to power your success. Explore how the funding options available could elevate your manufacturing operations to new heights.

Manufacturing Business Funding Solutions

Equipment and Machinery Financing:

Upgrade your production capabilities with equipment and machinery financing. From state-of-the-art machinery to cutting-edge technology, we can guide you through the application process to provide the capital you need to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape.

Working Capital Loans:

Ensure seamless day-to-day operations with working capital loans. Whether you need to manage cash flow, cover operational expenses, or invest in inventory, there are specialist funding solutions available which are designed to help you keep your manufacturing processes running smoothly.

Technology and Automation Investments:

Embrace the future of manufacturing with technology and automation. We have access to funders who specialise in supporting the financing of the integration of smart technologies, robotics, and automation solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity in your operations.

Research and Development (R&D) Funding:

Drive innovation in your manufacturing processes with R&D funding. We believe in supporting businesses that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and technological advancement.

Expansion and Facility Upgrades:

Position your manufacturing business for growth with an upgrade loan. Whether you’re expanding your production capacity or upgrading existing facilities, there is the financial backing available to turn your vision into reality.

Supply Chain Financing:

Strengthen your supply chain with a financing solution. Ensure a seamless flow of materials and resources, optimize inventory management, and enhance collaboration with suppliers through a supply chain finance option.

Schools and Academies

ISC Future Finance | Schools and Academies

Educational Funding Solutions for Schools and Academies in the UK

We have assisted a number of schools and academies across the UK, source the funding they need for various improvement projects – including new IT equipment, desks and chairs.

Infrastructure Development Loans:

Invest in the future of education with our infrastructure development loans. Whether you’re planning to build new classrooms, upgrade facilities, or enhance recreational spaces, we provide the financial support to bring your vision to life.

Technology Integration Financing:

Stay ahead in the digital age with technology integration financing. From interactive smartboards to cutting-edge educational software, we help schools and academies source funding to leverage technology to create engaging and effective learning environments.


ISC Future Finance | Healthcare

Medical Equipment and Technology Financing:

Elevate patient care with state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology. The financing options available can support the acquisition of cutting-edge tools and equipment, meaning you can keep at the forefront medical technology.

Facility Expansion and Renovation Loans:

Enhance your healthcare infrastructure with an expansion and renovation loan. We can provide you with access to a number of lenders who specialise in funding the healthcare sector.

Case Studies

£600,000 Machinery HP Facility

  • Large Midlands based vegetable grower
  • Upgrade to existing potato harvester
  • Collaborated with supplier to include existing harvester as part of trade in.
  • Funded 100% of equipment cost including VAT
  • Repayments structured to reflect seasonal nature of harvest
  • Acquisition facilitated more efficient harvesting allowing crops to be lifted and stored quicker reducing processing times and increasing yields.

£900,000 Renewable Energy Project

  • Leicestershire-based arable farmer.
  • Project as part of wider Net Zero strategy
  • Investment in new 4 megawatts ground sourced heat pump technology.
  • Stage payment and project finance required to facilitate build phase.
  • 7 year HP facility aligned to energy savings
  • Outcome delivered accelerated crop drying process, retaining protein and increasing value.
  • Ability to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive payments

£1 million Solar Installation HP Facility

  • Large UK car parts manufacturer.
  • Rationale of investment was to deliver energy security and savings alongside wider ESG strategy.
  • 1 MW rooftop installation.
  • 5 year HP facility provided with interim payments facility aligned to build and design requirements.
  • Worked closely with the supplier to support necessary planning and grid connection logistics.

£450,000 HP Processing Line

  • Lincolnshire-based vegetable grower.
  • Funding required for build and implementation of new bespoke vegetable cutting and packing line.
  • New installation will drive operational efficiency and cost reduction.
  • Multiple specialist suppliers involved in the project from design to go live.
  • Overarching project management was necessary from a financing perspective to ensure payments to multiple suppliers were made in line with wider project milestones.
  • A five year HP facility was provided

£250,000 Farming Term Loan

  • Opportunity for Northern-based dairy farmer to acquire land from adjacent holding.
  • Fast completion required to take advantage of cost and opportunity.
  • Existing business bank had already taken six weeks and the client was at risk of losing the land.
  • ISC engaged a specialist provider in the farming sector and based on investment rationale and forward-looking cash flow a facility was approved in 48 hours.
  • The lender provided a seven year unsecured term loan.
  • Completion was executed within seven days without the need to take a legal charge.
  • This was only possible based on our deep domain sector expertise and access to specialist funders.

£1 million Farming Bridging Loan

  • Supporting a Cheshire-based dairy farmer.
  • Investment required to support renewable energy strategy alongside, farm building improvements and new slurry storage legislation related works.
  • Anticipated benefits through cost saving and incremental income post completion expected to take 18 months.
  • A bridging facility was provided to support the investment ensuring that current cash flow focus could remain on day-to-day farm running costs.
  • Application through valuation, legal works and to completion was less than eight weeks.
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